The Manikata Rural Heritage Trail Science Site Visit – St Margaret College Middle School

The Manikata Rural Heritage Trail Science Site Visit

This year, some of the year 7 students had the opportunity to visit the Manikata Rural Heritage Trail as part of their Science Curriculum.

The visit focused mainly on a short walk in a car-free zone where students had the opportunity to see and learn about plants, trees and vegetables found in the area and general care of the environment.

Also, the students visited the animal farm where they were given basic information about farm animals which included chickens, sheep, ducks, a donkey and a mare. All children visiting, were given a turn each to feed the sheep, ducks and chickens. 
Furthermore, the students experienced some historical sites found in the area. These included the area of ir-Razzet tal-Qasam; an old farmstead built by the Knights of Malta, the nearby cave dwellings and a World War II beach post. This helped students to learn about how the first inhabitants of Manikata utilized natural caves to live in and get a glimpse of how the World War II soldiers kept watch over the bays found in the area, by entering the beach post.

At the very end of the visit the students spent some time for bark & leaf rubbing and afterwards they had some time for recreation where they were provided with some maltese bread, apples and water.