Scary Story Competition – St Margaret College Middle School

Scary Story Competition

The Scary Story Competition

Once again, the English Department at the St Margaret College Middle School has held the popular Scary Story Competition. This is a writing, drawing and craft-making competition related to the theme of Halloween.

This year’s competition was held relatively earlier than previous years so that the students’ works could be displayed on the 31st of October. This is when the photos were taken, in fact. After a slow start, the participation turned out to be quite a good one with a total of 50 students submitting their work. However, one needs to point out that some of these works (especially the drawings) did not follow the conditions specified in the poster. In fact, several drawings were not accompanied by a title or a hash tag as required. Moreover, two entries were not exhibited as they were too explicit in nature.

Nonetheless, there were some very good essays presented by our budding horror writers, also some original and artistic drawings which would make any horror novel proud and some excellent, decorative crafts.

The winners of this year’s competition were; Category A – Yanique Gambin of 7.1, Category B – Ailey Gove’ of 7.4, Category C – Rihanna Zammit of 7.7 and Category D – Dasianne Psaila of 8.2.

A special mention goes to Kristy Delia of 7.3 who presented a lot of small crafts for the competition.








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