The Malta Book Festival – St Margaret College Middle School

The Malta Book Festival

by Krysle Muscat, 8.1

Being a person who finds comfort in reading, I look forward to the Malta Book Festival. It is an annual event which usually takes place in the Mediterranean Conference Centre, in November.

This is a festival where there are lots of book stalls in a big hall displaying different books of various genres. This offers the buyer the possibility to make a personalised choice. Everyone can attend and participate in the activities organised throughout the whole duration of the festival. When the book festival approaches normally my parents take me and my brother to a book festival from where we buy some exciting and adventurous books. For the last couple of years one of the school’s outings was a trip to the Malta Book Festival.

This year was very special because all students were asked to wear a costume in line with a book theme of our choice. I wore the costume of Tris from the “Divergent series”. Different activities were organised, and my class attended a play that was held in the Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Following we went round the stalls to buy books. I was very satisfied to find my favourite author’s books, Rita Grech, and I ended up buying some books from her series.

On the whole, it was very well organised. However, I felt a little claustrophobic at times due to the large number of people present. I think that the organisers should have planned a specific time for the different schools, so that this could have been avoided.

All in all, it still remains my favourite festival of the year, and I have mixed feelings when it is over. For me the most difficult part was to make up my mind which books to purchase within the budget that I was given. I was also impressed with the wide varied selection of books displayed for all subjects.