I’m lucky to be alive – St Margaret College Middle School

I’m lucky to be alive

by Ilenia Grech (8 Crystal)

I’m lucky to be alive. And I mean it. No one will ever manage to count the many times I was about to fall off the cliffs, or get hit by a car. Of all times, though, yesterday was the worst.

As I was returning from school with my friend, Becky, we noticed that the sun was setting already, which was quite strange as it was summer. The darkness was not any darkness; it was pitch black and the road was foggy, too. But it wasn’t fog: it was a greyish, greenish mist. We stood as close as possible as we walked through the ice cold mist. Suddenly, I heard a scream, looked at Becky, but she wasn’t there.

I called for my friend. Was she lost? Or-uh, did the shadows get her? I ran for my life. The shadows were running after me. Were they ghosts? Where was Becky? Will I get home alive? I was so tired. The ghosts are so close. Should I stop? Or should I keep on running? But the mist, what’s going on? Where am I? I can’t see anything. I fell. I can’t get up. I’m so tired. My eyes are closing, the ghosts are surrounding me…

I opened my eyes. A man is at my side, Old Ben. He’s one kind farmer. “Don’t worry, kiddo. You’ll be alright”, he said, turning on the fireplace. In the farmer’s house, there isn’t much space. It’s a small hut, but surprisingly quite comfortable. The next morning, I went back to my parents’ home. I asked whoever I met in the road for Becky. No one’s seen her, or the shadows, or the mist. Was I dreaming? No, it can’t be, only Ben believes me, Becky’s not found, and the ghosts still got her.

I consider myself quite lucky not to have been caught. Either ways, who knows where I would be? Who knows?…