Fort St Elmo and Malta 5D outing – St Margaret College Middle School

Fort St Elmo and Malta 5D outing

(Photos by Ms D. Muscat and Ms R. Powell)

On Monday 2nd May 2016 the students of 8 Iron, Lead and Marble visited Fort St Elmo and the Malta 5D show with our school’s two history teachers, Ms M. Grech and Ms R. Powell. Ms D. Muscat was also present to provide assistance, given the large number of students that attended.

The day started with a visit to the Malta 5D show, which was judged to be a “fantastic experience” by all present. Not only were the visuals in 3D, but the other senses were tickled as well: the students felt the wind on their faces while a bird flew high above the Maltese islands on screen, they felt a snake crawling by their feet, and even sea spray on their face. The visuals were also complemented by smells. It was both an educational and an enjoyable experience.

The students then went to Fort St Elmo. A guide took the students round the newly-restored fort. The fort is also enhanced with many audiovisual guides to help the students remember better specific details. One special effect that really got the attention of those present was when, by means of a projector, soldiers could be seen going up to the roof using an actual ladder.

Both the places that were visited have some kind of connection to the Knights of St John and the Great Siege. Both topics are part of their study program for this year and Valletta is to be found in next year’s syllabus. This helped our students to understand better what is discussed and learnt in class. It is hoped that the fact that things were made visible helped our students to better understand how things happened many years ago.