The Spooky Story Competition – St Margaret College Middle School

The Spooky Story Competition

For the second time running the school has organised a writing and drawing competition related to the theme of Halloween, entitled Spooky Story Competition.

While the participation was much better than last year’s, with a total of 26 students submitting their work, one needs to point out that many of these works (especially the drawings) had to be disqualified because they did not respect the terms specified in the poster. Several drawings were not accompanied by a title and an invented author’s name as required. On a more positive note, a number of students presented artefacts and decorations associated with this festivity. We will definitely add another category for these popular objects next year.

Nonetheless there were some very good essays presented by our budding horror writers and also some original and artistic drawings which would make any horror novel proud.

The winners of this year’s competition were; Category A – Hayley Camilleri, Category B – Kyle Bonnici and Category C – Maya Nussbaum, all from 7 Bronze.

A special mention goes to Natashia Vella of 8 Opal who put in a lot of effort!