Our School takes 1st and 3rd place at the Malta Robotics Olympiad! – St Margaret College Middle School

Our School takes 1st and 3rd place at the Malta Robotics Olympiad!

The Malta Robotics Olympiad took place on Wednesday 22nd April at the Cottonera Sports Complex. Schools from all over Malta took part. 12 students from 7 Iron made up 4 teams of 3 students each. The rest of the class went on the outing to support their classmates. This activity was the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of Ms Larissa Micallef, eLearning support teacher, who for the last few months has been helping the students from 7 Iron to get to grips with the LEGO Mindstorms sets.

Excitement for the activity ran high, and even though our students had to compete with colleagues who were in many cases older, they did very well. How well, you ask? So well that out of the twelve students, SIX made it onto the podium! Alexander Cauchi, Ronan Grech and Rhys Govè made up the team who came in first place, while Therese Scicluna, Mariah Farrugia and Kayden Aquilina came in third. Angie Grech, Kim Magri, Mariah Mallia, Elton Cachia, Keith Magro and Nicholas Vella also participated. There was a very strong sense of team work, as students from the different teams from our school helped each other to complete the tasks. This sense of comradeship, together with the fact that we won, makes us feel really proud at this excellent result. Well done everyone!